Eye Treatments in Fareham

Eyelash tints are used to define the eyelashes or/and the eyebrows. This treatment is excellent for clients who suffer with watery eyes, or hay fever, which can then lead to running mascara.

Eyelash tinting also looks great on people with short lashes, as it emphasises the colour, picking up all the little hairs and colouring each and every one of them. This can make the lashes much more defined.

Eyebrow tinting is great if you wish to define the eye brows more or if you have lighter, grey or white hairs. We have several colours which can be mixed to gain a colour that will compliment your natural colouring, and one of which you are happy with. Eyebrow tinting is great for males also.

It can become tedious filling in your patchy eyebrows, or trying to apply a brow pencil/shadow every morning. Sometimes if your eyesight isn’t great, it’s virtually impossible to see what you’re doing properly.

Eyelash perms are very popular & the eyelashes look like they do after you’ve used an eyelash curler, only they stay in shape for up to six weeks with no effort whatsoever. The products used are specifically designed to be used on the delicate eye area. The treatment isn’t painful or uncomfortable. The whole experience is very relaxing and pain free, not to mention leaving you with Stunning eyes.

We also offer a FREE eyelash tint after this treatment to give a totally awesome effect.

Please note: A FREE patch test must be carried out at our salon at least 24 hours before your appointment. This is for your  own safety. We will not carry out any of the above eye treatments, unless a recent patch test has been carried out at Be Gorgeous.We appreciate this can be inconvenient for you at times, and we apologise, however this is of upmost importance and above all for your safety. Disclaimers cannot be accepted. Thank you for your kind understand.

Eyelash Tint
Enjoy waking up to beautiful dark lashes in the morning. Excellent for red heads, fairer haired people or for anyone wishing to enhance their natural coloured lashes.

This treatment can be carried out on men and women alike. Great if you fancy making your make-up application a little shorter in the mornings or if you're fed up of smudged mascara, due to swimming, hayfever or overly sensitive eyes.
30 Minutes
Eyebrow Tint
This is a super little treatment that goes a long way. Great for people who have grey, white or fair hairs amongst their darker brows, or if you just want to emphasise the brows more. We can create a subtle difference or if you prefer we can go for the darker look. we endeavour to make you feel relaxed and at ease. We always carry out a thorough consultation so we know your exact needs and requirements. You won't walk out of our salon with thick, black eyebrows. Unless you want them.
15 Minutes
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint
Why not have your brows tinted whilst having your lashes done? This is a great time and cost effective treatment. These two treatments can make a huge difference to the appearance of your eyes. We've made a lot of people very happy with making the most out of their eyebrows and eyelashes.
45 Minutes
Eyelash Perm ( With FREE tint)
An eyelash perm lifts and gently curls the lashes giving a natural opened eye look. Think of how your lashes look when an eyelash curler has been used! This will be the end result, only your lashes will stay in that position for 4-6 weeks.
1 hour and 30 Mins
Eyelash lift (With FREE tint) This is the latest must have treatment that's all over the media. Lashes are beautifully lifted and opened upwards to give a stunning wide eyed appearance. Shields are used instead of traditional perming rods, and so the lashes have a lift rather than a curl. The end result is simply stunning and lasts for 4-6 weeks. 1 hour and 30 mins£37.00

Once we have had a thorough consultation and assessed what sized rod is needed for your specific eyelash length, an eyelash Perming rod will be applied. You will be laid down on our treatment couch whilst the treatment is carried out. Your eyes will be closed throughout the Perming procedure and you will not be left alone at all.

One client in the above picture has had an eyelash, and brow tint, before and after. The other is a client with an eyelash perm and tint, before and after. There’s a significant difference on both the before and after pictures. Eyelashes are defined and eyes are opened wide. Wonderful results.


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I’ve worked in busy salons and spas for many years, and have been qualified for over 20 years. I’m fully insured and have all the relevant certifications to help you feel relaxed and safe. I specialise in intimate waxing such as Brazilian & Hollywoods. I only use non strip wax for this treatment, which is so much more comfortable than using conventional wax with wax strips. I also use hot wax for all facial and underarm waxing. This causes less stress to the skin and is far more comfortable. Also redness is kept to a minimum. I regularly update my training and feel this is crucial in order to bring you the latest trends, products and application methods.

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