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Swissdermyl Facials

SWISSDERMYL from Switzerland are a luxurious facial and skincare range, tailored just for you. With over 40 years of research and development Swissdermyl facials are completely bespoke: No two skins are the same and therefore no two Swissdermal facials are the same.

Combining the benefits of refined plant extracts, essential oils and sophisticated molecules from scientific technology, Swissdermyl is a high performance skin care range. The success of Swissdermyl is the specific advanced formula in each and every product.

We offer a Swissdermyl facial to suit all skin types. Anti-ageing, pigmentation, congested skin, rehydration etc. You will receive a full consultation with a skin analysis at the beginning of your treatment. Your Swissdermyl facial will then commence. This will be finished with a prescription advising you of products used and recommendations for home care.

We know you will be just as delighted as we are when you experience the true luxury of a Swissdermyl facial. We have a facial for all skin types. All Swissdermyl facials are anti-ageing and are taylor made to suit each skin type.

Skin Perfect
Anti-ageing facial: Nourishing and revitalising. This anti-ageing facial uses a mask that visibly reduces signs of ageing leaving the skin firm and beautifully radiant. The plant glycoproteins tightens the skin and the marine collagen and Beech Bud helps fight wrinkles and plumps up the skin. Fantastic for mature skin.
1 Hour£44.00
Purifying Radiance
Purifying and balancing. An amazing combination of both a green clay mask and self-heating lemon mask enhances the spread of active ingredients, meaning the results are reinforced. It adds vitamin C which boosts the circulation of the skin leaving it more hydrated and radiant. The essential lemon oil tightens pores, leaving the skin clear and bright.
1 Hour£44.00
Stimulating Radiance
For tired and dull skin.This facial combines the self heating lemon mask with the oxygen mask. The self heating mask enhances the effect of the vitamin C treatment and reinforces the vital functions of the skin. The Oxygen mask is revitalising and specifically designed to stimulate cell renewal and circulation within the skin cells. This mask fights any signs of stress and fatigue, leaving the skin feeling and looking energised and radiant. This treatment boosts the circulation of the skin cells leaving the skin super hydrated and radiant. The essential lemon oil tightens the pores and leaves the skin wonderfully clear.
1 Hour£44.00
Soothing Marine
A soothing treatment for sensitive skin. The hard working, luxurious mask used in this facial uses active ingredients from the ocean to calm stressed skin, reduce redness and to stimulate cell renewal. Full of minerals and trace elements this facial will kick start the skins natural defences. It’s full of collagen extracts and enzyme complexes making your skin look and feel firmer.
1 Hour£44.00


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I’ve worked in busy salons and spas for many years, and have been qualified for over 20 years. I’m fully insured and have all the relevant certifications to help you feel relaxed and safe. I specialise in intimate waxing such as Brazilian & Hollywoods. I only use non strip wax for this treatment, which is so much more comfortable than using conventional wax with wax strips. I also use hot wax for all facial and underarm waxing. This causes less stress to the skin and is far more comfortable. Also redness is kept to a minimum. I regularly update my training and feel this is crucial in order to bring you the latest trends, products and application methods.

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