Waxing in Fareham

I use Outback Organics Gold, non strip wax, for all intimate waxing, underarm and face waxing. This wax is heated at a much lower temperature than ordinary waxes, i.e the type used for leg waxing. This means that redness is kept to a minimum and it’s an all round much more comfortable waxing experience, in these delicate areas.

Clients are amazed at the difference between having the usual strip wax on their upper lip, chin, eyebrow, underarm and bikini areas compared to then having a non strip wax used. Hair removal is much less traumatic to these delicate areas of the skin.

Outback Organics Gold, utilises advanced polymer technology which literally ‘shrink wraps’ hair as it dries, for effective removal of even the shortest and most stubborn hairs.
Non strip wax (which literally means, a wax that doesn’t require strips to remove the hair and wax) used to be known as,’ hot wax’, it could be very uncomfortable as it was heated at a much higher temperature. This is a thing of the past now and you will be delighted at just how different and comfortable your usual wax treatment is.

All other hair is removed using the Clean and Easy roller wax system.

Full Leg Wax1 Hour£27.00
3/4 Leg Wax45 Minutes£24.00
1/2 Leg Wax30 Minutes£23.00
Bikini Wax (Just the sides)15 Minutes£10.50
Brazillian Wax (Landing strip)30 Minutes£27.00
Hollywood (All hair removed)30 Minutes£27.00
Lip Wax15 Minutes£6.50
Chin Wax15 Minutes£6.50
Lip and Chin Wax15 Minutes£11.00
Underarm Wax15 Minutes£8.50
Tummy Wax (Thin strip below navel)15 Minutes£6.50
Forearm Wax30 Minutes£17.50
Full Arm Wax30 Minutes£21.00
Back Wax30 Minutes£25.00
Chest Wax30 Minutes£22.00
Eyebrow Wax15 Minutes£7.50
Eyebrow Reshape
A thorough consultation is included with all treatments however when having an eyebrow re-shape we will work together on what shape suits you, what is achievable and how to get the perfect eyebrows.
30 Minutes£10.00
Nose Wax
Painless and available for both men and women. The perfect way to remove those unsightly hairs. No more worrying about hairs protruding from your nostrils. Non strip wax is used for this treatment. You will be amazed at how comfortable this treatment is and wish you had done it years ago.

It is nothing like tweezing a hair from your nose, which quite frankly is pretty eye watering, at the best of times. This treatment is amazingly comfortable , quick and gives a clean, hair free result. Regrowth takes approximately 4 weeks.
15 Minutes£5.50
Hair Removal In / On Ears
Available for both men and women. Hair is removed from all over the ear and from just inside the ear. Pain free, quick and easy. Non strip wax is used for comfort.
15 Minutes£5.50
Ear and Nose wax
(Save £2.00 when booked together)
30 Minutes£9.00

I use either non strip wax or warm wax. Please ensure that you don’t shave or use hair removal creams for at least 2 weeks prior to coming in for your appointment, this is to ensure that the hair is at the correct length needed for waxing.


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I’ve worked in busy salons and spas for many years, and have been qualified for over 20 years. I’m fully insured and have all the relevant certifications to help you feel relaxed and safe. I specialise in intimate waxing such as Brazilian & Hollywoods. I only use non strip wax for this treatment, which is so much more comfortable than using conventional wax with wax strips. I also use hot wax for all facial and underarm waxing. This causes less stress to the skin and is far more comfortable. Also redness is kept to a minimum. I regularly update my training and feel this is crucial in order to bring you the latest trends, products and application methods.

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