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I use CND, OPI, IBX, Shellac, Lacente glitters/pigments, Callus Peel, CND Vinylux and CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel.  Shellac is a power polish. It lasts up to 2 weeks, sometimes longer, and is instantly dry so no worries about smudging or putting your enclosed shoe on. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to remove with no damage to the natural nail whatsoever. I never use nail files on the nail plate nor do I use metal tools to remove Shellac or to , ‘rough up the nail’,  prior to application.

I also have many OPI and Creative colours, in regular polish, for those who prefer it.

Manicure (Regular polish)
Nails are trimmed and filed into shape, cuticles are tidied and then a massage follows, topped off with the colour of your choice.
1 Hour£25.00
Shape and paint only (Regular polish)30 Minutes£18.00
French manicure (Regular polish)1 Hour£27.00
Remedial manicure (Inc heated mitts)
A remedial manicure is a treatment for problem nails. Heated mitts are used along with an intensive moisturiser and mask to hydrate the nails, cuticles and skin on the hands. Cuticles are tidied and nails trimmed and filed. A clear nail polish treatment will be applied.
1 Hour£22.00
Luxury manicure (regular polish)
Enjoy this real pampering session for the hands and nails. Heated mitts and a mask are used along with all the stages of a regular manicure. Topped off with a polish of your choice.
1 Hour 15 minutes£30.00
Shellac manicure
This is a manicure using Shellac power polish. Shellac lasts up to two weeks, sometimes even longer. It's instantly dry, once cured under my UV lamp. There's no risk of smudging or denting your polish. Fabulous for those of us with busy lives. No worries about searching for your keys and denting your nails. There's no damage to the nails and no filing whatsoever on the nail plate. Your nails health are our priority.
1 Hour£25.00

Please note:

Shellac removal is FREE if re-applied and ONLY if the Shellac application was carried out at Be Gorgeous.  If the product is Shellac, and removal is within the 15 minutes ( as Shellac is) then the charge will be just £10.00, however if the product is a substitute for Shellac, and removal is considerably longer,  then unfortunately we will have to charge accordingly. Maximum charge will be £20.00.Depending on time spent removing other technicians work. Thank you for your understanding.

Shellac pedicure1 Hour£30.00
Shellac french manicure1 Hour£27.00
Shape and paint toes30 Minutes£20.00
Rockstar manicure (with Shellac)
This manicure uses Shellac but then has fine glitter added to the nails. you will certainly get the wow factor with these nails. Totally bling and something to get you noticed. Absolutely stunning. we have many, many colours to choose from. Beautiful in sparkly golds for the summer (a perfect compliment to your summer tan or recent spray tan) or glittery, ruby reds or deep emeralds for Christmas parties etc. Either way, if you like to sparkle then the Rockstar manicure is for you.
1 Hour£27.00
Pedicure (regular polish)
Foot soak, hard skin removal, cuticle tidy, nails trimmed, massage and regular polish.
1 Hour£30.00
Luxury pedicure
This is a wonderfully, relaxing treatment and will leave you feeling like you're walking on air. All the stages of a routine pedicure take place but your feet are placed in heated booties and a clay mask is also applied. The mask is then gently removed using warm flannels in the winter or cool flannels in the summer. A longer massage routine is also in place for those who love having their feet massaged and rubbed. Ideal for clients who suffer with arthritis or who have lots of dry skin. Or you may simply want a blissfully, relaxing treatment.
1 Hour 15 Minutes£35.00

Gems or Swarkovski crystals  of various colours can be added at a cost of 50 pence each. Please let me know at the time of booking if you require crystals or foils. Call Barbara at Be Gorgeous for details and advice on 07827-912092. Some of the professional Shellac images are courtesy of Creative Nail Design inc.


IBX nails

IBX, a revolutionary two system nail treatment, the first of its kind working inside the nail rather than on top of the nail. Targets imperfections and damaged nails thus allowing for stronger and healthier nails. This professional only product penetrates the nails rather than sitting on top. Used to treat weak, thin and damaged nails. Helps reduce white spots and nail separation (delamination) Helps you to grow your nails longer. Targets nail imperfections and weaknesses. Can be used alone, underneath regular polish or underneath your Shellac. Please note: First treatment will consist of two applications, then after, one application.


Recommended under all gel polish, but can also be used on its own as a treatment for natural nails. Here is a general guide below:

Once Weekly:

  • Damaged and very thin nails
  • Delaminated and peeling nails
  • Severely ridged and brittle nails
  • After enhancement removal

Every two weeks:

  • Nails that are on the road to recovery
  • Difficulty with nail growth
  • Heavily grooved nails

Every three weeks:

  • Maintenance mode to keep nails in good condition.
  • Enhance polish wear
  • Beautiful nails with no polish
First IBX treatment, no colour
Two applications of IBX, cuticles tidied and nails filed into shape. This is for those who don't like a regular polish or Shellac on their nails. This isn't a full manicure.
30 Minutes£15.00
Second IBX treatment, no colour
One application of IBX , cuticles tidied & nail filed. Not a full manicure
30 Minutes£10.00
First IBX treatment with a full manicure
Two applications of IBX, cuticles tidied, nails cut and filed, hand and arm massage, topped off with one of our beautiful regular nail polishes.
1 hour 30 Minutes£32.50
Second IBX treatment with a full manicure
One application of IBX, cuticles tidied, nails cut and filed, hand and arm massage followed by a regular polish of your choice.
1 Hour 15 Minutes£30.50
First application of IBX with Shellac manicure
As above but using one of our many gorgeous Shellac colours.
1 Hour 30 Minutes£31.00
Second IBX application with Shellac manicure
As above but using CND Shellac power polish (instantly dry and lasts for up to two weeks )
1 Hour 15 Minutes£30.00

Please note, IBX can be used on your toes as well. Please add on £15.00 to your chosen pedicure for the first IBX treatment then £10.00 thereafter.
The same also  applies for french manicure and pedicures.
Please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions . 07827-912092


Callus Peel

This is an innovative callus/hard skin removal treatment for the feet. It softens hard calluses quickly and leaves beautiful, soft skin. Calluses can be removed in four steps With Callus Peel. You will be proud to show off your soft, callus free feet. Callus peel can be applied to your heels and/or other areas on your feet where calluses have built up. The products work by gently penetrating the epidermal layer of the skin, softening it and enabling the dead layers of the skin to be gently scraped away.

Callus Peel30 Minutes£25.00
Callus Peel with pedicure
This is a wonderful treatment with a massive saving of £9.50 when the two are combined. A relaxing treatment with a regular polish of your choice.
1 Hour 15 Minutes£40.00
Callus peel with Shellac pedicure
A full pedicure, with Callus Peel topped off with a beautiful Shellac polish. Saving you £11.00.
1 Hour 30 Minutes£40.00

Please note:
Unfortunately we don’t recommend this treatment on pregnant women due to hormones being imbalanced. However we can still carry out a regular pedicure or a gorgeous luxury pedicure. We appreciate how difficult it is to get down to your feet, when baby bump gets in the way and would highly recommend treating yourselves to a pampering treatment. Diabetics can be treated however we would like to give you a list of the ingredients, so you may show your GP and get the go ahead that they are happy for you to have this treatment. Please email us and we will happily forward the ingredients. Psoriasis sufferers can be treated, however only if the skin to be treated is unaffected.


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I’ve worked in busy salons and spas for many years, and have been qualified for over 20 years. I’m fully insured and have all the relevant certifications to help you feel relaxed and safe. I specialise in intimate waxing such as Brazilian & Hollywoods. I only use non strip wax for this treatment, which is so much more comfortable than using conventional wax with wax strips. I also use hot wax for all facial and underarm waxing. This causes less stress to the skin and is far more comfortable. Also redness is kept to a minimum. I regularly update my training and feel this is crucial in order to bring you the latest trends, products and application methods.

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