We are delighted to be bringing a new treatment to our salon in the very near future. We currently offer lash perms, and we will continue to offer them to those who enjoy having this treatment. However Lash lift is fast becoming ‘THE’ treatment that everyone wants and is enquiring about.

The traditional lash perm gives a gentle opened eye look. The lashes are individually wrapped around a small rod and glued into place. Then a perming solution, specifically designed for eyelash hair, is applied along the lashes. The end result is a gentle curl, very similar to that used when using lash curlers.

However the new Lash Lift doesn’t have the gentle curl from using rods. Instead we use a shield to attach the hairs to and so it lifts from the root, without compromising lash length, giving a much more opened eye and thus a more effective result.

We are sure you will be delighted with the new Lash Lift treatment being introduced soon. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page or on here for updates on when appointments are being taken for our superb Lash Lift.

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I’ve worked in busy salons and spas for many years, and have been qualified for over 20 years. I’m fully insured and have all the relevant certifications to help you feel relaxed and safe. I specialise in intimate waxing such as Brazilian & Hollywoods. I only use non strip wax for this treatment, which is so much more comfortable than using conventional wax with wax strips. I also use hot wax for all facial and underarm waxing. This causes less stress to the skin and is far more comfortable. Also redness is kept to a minimum. I regularly update my training and feel this is crucial in order to bring you the latest trends, products and application methods.

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